Friday, January 29, 2010


She suspected
Tyrone had been lost
In there a long time.
Tyrone watched her
With comatose precision.
How could she lie,
She couldn't even tell the truth.


Tyrone's bones
Were broken.
She kept all manner
Of gods little creatures
In delicate glass bottles.
Tyrone couldn't break
The bottles.
No creature ever did.


She was low in intellect
And high in wiles.
She said she lived in the now.
Tyrone was trapped
In the present.
She couldn't remember
Her parents.
Tyrone was a feral child.


She threw up in
Her mouth
She longed for his past
Tyrone was terrified
Of the future.
Tyrone bit down
Til he hit bone
Tyrone was strangled
By decency
She wanted his name
Tyrone didn't have one.