Monday, June 15, 2009


Tyrone was addicted to
bad decisions.
Even the vicarious guilt
he burdened himself with.
She couldn’t help herself
and neither could Tyrone.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


She was an acrobat,
Tyrone was crop dusted.
The poisoned dew,
Stickly sweet
had Tyrone pinned.
She exhaled
through gravity's keyhole.

Tyrone Manifestette

This won't be a grand revelation or confessional. I had something horrible happen in my childhood. A lot of people did. In fact for all the hand wringing and Amber Alerts that go on today...I think horrible things happen to kids less today than they used to. I had behavior issues and self destructive behavior, a lot of people did.

As a means of self preservation, I learned to segregate events in my life and in my head, put things in boxes....not forgotten, just set aside....and I started writing to keep myself connected to the box.

The Tyrone poems started as part of a quickly abandoned novel.....Yes, they are about you....only the novel was abandoned.